Darphin Intral Soothing Cream-50ml


Darphin Intral Soothing Cream-50ml

✔ Darphin Intral Soothing Cream Soothe and calm the appearance of irritation with this ultra-gentle face cream. Specially created for sensitive skin the light texture feels gentle and soothing upon application, making skin feel calmed and comforted.

✔ With the key ingredients Peony, Chamomile and Hawthorn the moisturiser helps relax and cool the appearance of redness and irritation, and protects skin from pollution and environmental stressors, which can age skin.

✔ For sensitive skin.

★ Beauty Concern : Sensitive Skin

★ Beauty Goal : Calming

★ Brand : Darphin

★ Formulation : Cream

★ Skin Type : Sensitive

★ Type : Moisturisers

 Volume : 50ml