Codex Beauty Superfood Bia Skin-75ml


Codex Beauty Superfood Bia Skin-75ml

✔ Codex Beauty Superfood Bia Skin is a hydrating and nourishing treatment cream for face, hands and body. 

✔ Made with our unique BiaComplex herbal formula, this cream helps treat dry, flaky or irritated skin and leaves it silky smooth.

✔ BiaComplex provides hydration, soothing and anti-irritant benefits. Calendula officinalis oil infusion has moisturising and soothing properties; helps protect the skin. Helichrysum italicum oil infusion creates a protective film to retain moisture and keep the skin hydrated.


★ Beauty Concern : Dryness & Dehydration

★ Beauty Feature : Organic

★ Beauty Goal : Smoothing

★ Brand : Codex Beauty 

★ Formulation : Cream

★ Skin Type : Dry

★ Type : Moisturisers

★ Volume : 75ml