CHANEL After-Shave Bleu De CHANEL Lotion-100ml


CHANEL  After-Shave Bleu De CHANEL Lotion-100ml

✔ CHANEL  After-Shave Bleu De CHANEL Lotion is aromatic-woody notes of BLEU DE CHANEL in an after-shave lotion that soothes razor burn. Energising and bracing, it leaves the skin delicately scented.

✔ The aromatic-woody notes of BLEU DE CHANEL find expression in a full line of shaving and body products. Apply the after-shave lotion on dry, shaven skin for an intensified scent.

 ★ Brand : CHANEL

★ Category : Shaving

★ Fragrance Type : Aftershave & Shaving

★ Range : Bleu De CHANEL

★ Scent : Woody

★ Scent Intensity : Moderate

★ Scent Intensity : Long-Lasting

★ Volume : 100ml