Burberry Indigo Mr. Burberry Deodorant Spray-150ml


Burberry Indigo Mr. Burberry Deodorant Spray-150ml

✔ Burberry Indigo Mr. Burberry Deodorant Spray is a man of contrasts . Classic, yet contemporary; sophisticated and sensual. Style with a rebellious attitude. Authentic and British. He makes an impromptu escape from the city. Seeking freedom. Refreshed and invigorated. A contrast to his busy London life.

✔A deodorant spray for long-lasting protection, infused with the fresh and invigorating scent of Mr. Burberry Indigo.

 ★ Brand : Burberry

★ Fragrance Type : Body Sprays & Deodorants

★ Scent : Citrus Woody

★ Volume : 150ml