Mio Lightweight Formula Muscle Motivator Revitalising Gel-125ml


Mio Lightweight Formula Muscle Motivator Revitalising Gel-125ml

✔ Mio Lightweight Formula Muscle Motivator Revitalising Gel glides across your skin, absorbing fast to avoid any kind of greasy, sticky residue being left over. Suitable for use both before and after exercise, the muscle gel drenches your skin in an invigorating cocktail of botanical ingredients.

✔ The replenishing addition of Menthol deeply moisturises your base, locking in dewiness for long-lasting, touchable softness. The potent blend works to encourage the feeling of normal, relaxed muscles, making the gel perfect for those that have potentially over-exerted themselves at the gym.

★ Brand : Mio 

★ Range : Workout Wonders

★ Volume : 125ml