anatomē Supplement for Detox and Cleanse Health-60 Capsules


anatomē Supplement for Detox and Cleanse Health-60 Capsules

✔ anatomē Supplement for Detox and Cleanse Health is natural botanical complex supports urban lifestyle, where the daily commuting, city pollution and the overindulgence of food and alcohol affects negatively our health.

✔ This supplement supports the liver, kidneys and lungs to process and rid the body of pollution, cell stressors, pesticides and the general toxins of daily life. Additionally protects and renews cells renew cells.

✔ With a base of Saint-Mary Thistle oil, a natural ingredient that helps rebuild liver cells whilst removing toxins from the body and promotes long term benefits. Combined with cleansing Artichoke, Dandelion, Chicory, Jujube Seed, Turmeric and Beetroot.

✔ Good to know: Please do not take if pregnant or breastfeeding without first consulting a healthcare professional.

✔ Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Lactose Free, GMO Free, Vegan Friendly.

★ Body care type : Supplements

★ Brand : anatomē

★ Skin Type : All Types

★ Suitable for vegans : YES

 Type : Supplements