anatomē Rest and Hydrate Travel Set


anatomē Rest and Hydrate Travel Set

✔ anatomē Rest and Hydrate Travel Set Make your journey a joy, supporting, rejuvenating and hydrating the body. And finishing with a Rest + Recovery sleep oil to ease yourself into a comfortable sleep.

✔ Invigorating Hand + Body Wash: Blended with glorious organic ingredients to moisturise and replenishes the skin as it cleanses. Frankincense combats dryness and refresh your skin, Lavender detoxifies and deeply cleansing skin cells, Peppermint has natural antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, Rosemary protects your skin against damages from the sun or free radicals, Tea Tree improves skin condition soothing any blemishes. Senses are both awakened and revitalised with this organic and all-natural hand and body wash.

✔ Muscle Ease Oil: A blend of organic ingredients that include sweet fennel, cypress and mint to rest and relax and nourish the body. A hydrating alternative to a moisturiser, it is highly absorbent to promote healthy skin and relieve muscular pain. It is blended with organic essential oils to feed the largest cell in your body - the skin. Not only is hydrating and highly absorbent, but it will also renew the skin cells, relieving tension in your muscles to help you recover and relax. Fennel is excellent for the skin as it soothes rashes or abrasions. Cypress calms inflamed skin and supports blood flow. Mint contains Vitamin A which cleanses pores and naturally cleans then skin and absorbs into the skin to support recovery. Apricot oil attributed to its high content of vitamin C, supports a variety of skin conditions without making your skin oily. Rosemary can help protect skin cells from damage often caused by the sun and free radicals, it is a natural antiseptic it is a superior cleanser for our skin and hair promoting healthy, moisturised skin.

✔ Rest + Recovery Sleep Essential Oil: Have you a problem sleeping? Need deeper, longer sleep? Have difficulty getting to sleep? Frequent night wakings? At anatomē we focus on the provenance and quality of the ingredients, searching the world for the finest, best performing plant extracts to support your sleep. This classic sleep oil with a signature scent of Cornish Lavender contains x22 essential oils includes 3 types of Lavender, Somalian Frankincense, Seaweed and Chamomile supports relaxation with natural sedative and restorative properties to support seven hours of unbroken sleep. Applied externally to pulse points the blend of essential oils combine to train and support your brain and body to sleep.

✔ Nourishing Hand + Body Moisturiser: The complex infusion of essential oils provides soothing reparation, allowing your skin to rehydrate and replenish. Jojoba is rich in Vitamin E and B-complex vitamins which readily penetrate the skin, counteracting free radical damage, and improving moisture retention. Lavender combats dryness and detoxifies the skin. Rosemary is a natural astringent, helping to bind the skin cells and shrink pores. Geranium reduces acne as well as relieving anxiety and regulating hormone balances. The complimentary infusion of the oils provides soothing reparation, allowing your skin to rehydrate and replenish the natural oils.

✔ Set contains:

✔ Invigorating Hand + Body Wash, 50ml

✔ Muscle Ease Oil, 50ml

✔ Rest + Recover Sleep Essential Oil, 10ml

✔ Nourishing Hand + Body Moisturiser, 50ml

★ Brand : anatomē

★ Gift Set Type : Bath & Body Sets

★ Skin Type : All Types

★ Suitable for vegans : YES