AISIR Powerful Cleaning Electric Toothbrush with Facial Brush


AISIR Powerful Cleaning Electric Toothbrush with Facial Brush

✔ AISIR Powerful Cleaning Electric Toothbrush with Facial Brush 2 in 1 Functions: This Electric Toothbrush is not only a Sonic Toothbursh, but also a Electric Facial Cleansing Brush.

✔ Powerful cleaning with 40,000 micro-brushes per minute, reduced noise. Enjoy clean and healthy teeth and improve gum and oral health.

✔ 9 Modes Available: Choose from 9 modes what you like, 2-minute smarter reminder helps ensure recommended brushing time with 15 second interval timer.

✔ USB fast charging, long battery life is convenient to use at home or travel; Slim handle for comfort and maneuverability

✔ What you get: 1 x main engine; 4 x toothbrush heads; 1 x toothbrush head cover; 1 x facial cleansing brush; 1 x wireless charger

 Colour Name: Pink